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SallyK SallyK VIC Posts: 2
1 11 Mar 2016
Hi all, what a lovely space you all have here.  I've spent some time lurking and thought it was about time to pop up and say hello.

I'm at the very beginning of my journey, and about to take the leap into vegetarianism (I'm still working on how it will work with my kids).  Be gentle with me  wave

Andrew77 Andrew77 NSW Posts: 3
2 12 Mar 2016
Hi Sally, from one newbie to another, welcome! Congratulations on taking the leap to vegetarian, you're in good company here.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
3 12 Mar 2016
Welcome and don't be afraid to ask questions! happy

EasyRightMaybe EasyRightMaybe VIC Posts: 30
4 12 Mar 2016
What are your concerns? Naturally, vegetarianism is the first step before going vegan. I was vegetarian for many years and then off for a little, then back on. I more recently have gone completely vegan, and I am really happy for doign this. Naturally I would suggest anyone to go vegetarian before making the leap into veganism and cutting out milk, eggs and any animal products. I can't claim to know anything for certain regarding the pros/cons on a health stand point (besides the obvious stuff), but there is a large amounts of data which suggests animals and animal by products are not needed, and a complete plant based diet may be the best thing to feed your body. All the best going forward.