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Boof attacked a bird

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Pomi Pomi VIC Posts: 311
1 18 Dec 2009
Boof the dog just completely mauled one of those birds that look like pigeons... her bones are exposed and it looks like a pool of blood and broken bones... I can't get her to vet for 15 minutes I think she will die before that and even if I could get her there quicker they'd probably have to euthanize her... I don't know what to do her eyes are half closed and she's breathing rapidly shes going to die i don't know what to do

Mel Mel NSW Posts: 289
2 18 Dec 2009
If you havent already and the bird is still breathing, please put it in a box with a heavy towel over it to keep it dark and in a warm, quiet place so that the bird can rest without stressing over outside things.

thats all you can do apart from taking it to a vet or euthanising it.

Pomi Pomi VIC Posts: 311
3 18 Dec 2009
I had her in a box with a towel and drove her out to the vets who said 'she was already gone'. They thanked me for bringing her out there and I think they euthanized her.

I really freaked out. i think i've calmed down now