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Fellow vegan youtubers

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Jademichelle Jademichelle VIC Posts: 1
1 16 Apr 2016
Hi everyone!
I would love to know everyone's youtube channels so I can take squiz. Mine is

Just starting out and would love to support fellow vegan youtubers happy

jadehiggins23 jadehiggins23 VIC Posts: 16
2 19 Apr 2016

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
3 19 Apr 2016
jadehiggins23 said:
You wrote on the comments at
that you don't take supplements. How are you getting B12 etc?

EasyRightMaybe EasyRightMaybe VIC Posts: 30
4 26 Apr 2016
Nice work! What's next on the menu??? I'll hopefully be joining you on there in a week or two. Need to get a few things in order before I make my grand entrance, lol. All the best with your future endeavours on there.


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