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No vegan food during functions and occasions :(

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Pinky_kimora Pinky_kimora Malaysia Posts: 1
1 23 Apr 2016
As a college student, I often have orientations and team outings. Usually food is provided, which are free of charge.
Sadly, the food will always contain meat and dairy, and I have no choice but to either take out the meat (but this counts as killing an animal) and only eat the vege, or go to a restaurant where I have to PAY for my food.
Anyone else have this problem during occasions where food is provided?
Its just so fustrating :/ I'm trying to save up more money, but its impossible with the world hurling meat at you.

EasyRightMaybe EasyRightMaybe VIC Posts: 30
2 26 Apr 2016
If you want to keep as many of your dollars in your pocket, try to prepare something that you can take which doesn't need to be refrigerated. You can make something that is healthy and cost so little that it is well worth it when you consider the alternatives. All the best! VEGAN POWER!!!