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False Advertisement


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Veganised Veganised SA Posts: 6
1 3 May 2016
I recently purchased a bar of Pico fairtrade chocolate. If you look on the back of the packet is specifically says 'vegan'. Except that is has calcium phosphate in it. I didn't realise until after I ate some that this 'chocolate' with the word vegan on the packet has blood and bones and teeth in it.

I went to their website to send a complaint and they don't even have any information about the product on the single-page site. Why is this allowed to happen? I don't understand. Can anyone tell me of a REAL vegan chocolate available in the Adelaide Hills? Any information about vegan, organic, no-GMO any products in the Hills please, I'm just starting out and there doesn't seem to be much actually vegan stuff around, and very little that is trustworthy enough to say that their product is vegan.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 4 May 2016
This will put your mind at rest - it's mineral sourced not animal.
"There is no calcium phosphate from bone [that is] food grade; only feed grade."

Veganised Veganised SA Posts: 6
3 4 May 2016
Oh thank you so much