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Why All Vegos Should Try Leafletting Now and Then

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Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Elizabeth QLD Posts: 93
1 5 Jan 2010
Leafletting is amazing. I have people come up to me saying that I gave them a piece of literature that changed their life and their perspective on the world. Do you know this feeling? Perhaps you remember this feeling? your first viewing of earthlings, or the first time someone explained to you where cage eggs come from, your introduction to bobby calves/the "real" side of milk? I bet you were glad that you know what you know now. I even go further to bet that majority of people who are on this forum are here because a friend, family member, work mate, or street leafletter has shown them something that they find to be morally wrong. So having said all this, having seen first hand the effectiveness of leafletting, I strongly reccomend this type of activism to those people with the confidence to leaflet. Going on your own can often be more effective, so dont wait around for a group invitation on your facebook. If and when you can find the time - Get out there, buy some leaflets from Animals Australia store and head to your local city centre.

Lets get active for the animals - they have no voices, rights or say in the matter. You do.
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Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Elizabeth QLD Posts: 93
2 5 Jan 2010
Every person you convert is 98 animals EVERY YEAR from yourself, and 98 animals for the random emo guy you gave a leaflet to, and 98 animals for the young girl who looked further into the booklet you gave her, and 98 animals for the mum who is now vego and another 98 for her son. Every person is doubling the effects of your choice to live your life as a vego.

fAeRiEs ArE aFtEr Me fAeRiEs ArE aFtEr Me VIC Posts: 376
3 5 Jan 2010
Well said! happy

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
4 5 Jan 2010
i definitely agree. happy

its so good, while leafleting, when a person who you've handed a leaflet to, comes back 5 minutes later asking for a few more to show their family friends. you know you've sparked a light in a once dark corner - and that light's contagious!

i remember when i first went leafleting. i went about just like you say, i didn't wait for anyone to invite me - i just bought a stack of leaflets from AA, and went for it! sure, it was a little tricky getting into the hang of things first alone, but now its a breeeeeze. not only does it help animals, but it can help you. my self-confidence soared after going for the first few times.

its crazy to think that the guy who started Mercy For Animals (one of the most prolific animal rights groups today) was just someone who found a littered leaflet on a cafeteria table. one piece of literature can be so so so powerful!