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I love meeting new vegos!

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Memma-moo Memma-moo QLD Posts: 98
1 24 Jan 2010
Hi all,

Just thought I'd share the fact that I love meeting other vegos in my area! It's awesome to know there's more of us out there than I realised.  I met a cool chick the other day at Bunnings of all places that was a vegetarian! It made my day ecstatic  I let her in on an awesome vegan/celiac-friendly bread mix too.

Anyone else have moments like that?

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
2 24 Jan 2010
Yes! I heard there is another vegan at Kanyana! I was excited! I think she is also on my shift happy

Natty Natty NSW Posts: 80
3 25 Jan 2010
YES! the other day at work a guy came in wearing an Unleashed band thingy. and i asked him if he was on unleashed and he didnt know what i was talking about, cause he got it from a friend. then he asked if i was vegan and i said yes and he was all like me too! it was so cool! too exciting to use punctuation!

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond WA Posts: 342
4 25 Jan 2010
My brother got a new girlfriend, scene, like the others.

But when we told each other bout her self she's vego too and she hates all the animal cruelty jazz.


Tink Tink QLD Posts: 100
5 25 Jan 2010
oooh! Funny you say that, I met a nice Veg*n lady yesterday at Coles! I was buying some of the Sanitarium Mince and she picked up a packet of Tempeh.

I've eaten it once before, but have never cooked it, so I asked her how she cooks it and what dishes she uses it in! She was lovely! Even told me to try the Fry's Cottage Pie! (I LOVE the Fry's schnitzels!)


Memma-moo Memma-moo QLD Posts: 98
6 25 Jan 2010
I met a lady some years back at the Coles checkout (in line in front of me) who had a vego daughter.  She saw my Sani tins and asked how I managed.  I gave her some recipe tips for her daughter and hoped she'd continue encouraging her daughter's vegetarianism. ecstatic

pitterpatter pitterpatter QLD Posts: 376
7 25 Jan 2010
When I'm going to pick up some tofu or sanitarium fake mince in a tin stuff I kind of look around surreptitiously in the hopes that I will see someone else heading for them (I'm a freak?) and maybe we can be friends and I'll finally have a veg friend, buuuut no luck yet...  I haven't even seen anyone near the soy milk/yoghurt or the veg food areas but maybe just bad luck so far?  Haha.

I am only new to the area though and hoping that I'll meet some like-minded people once I go to Griffith happy.

Cj Cj NSW Posts: 378
8 26 Jan 2010

One vegetarian saw me at a resturaunt around here, i was asking for their vego menu. She came over and started talking to me. Made my day ahaha

Jessica Jessica VIC Posts: 121
9 27 Jan 2010
I haven't really met people in places like supermarkets or shoppin centres, but when I started highschool the first person I talked to turned out to be vegetarian., then when i started my current school one of the girls who showedme around has an interest in it, she even introduced me to one of her (then) bestfriends who was also a vegetarian.

Honeygoon Honeygoon NSW Posts: 76
10 27 Jan 2010
I used to love it; but then I moved to Sydney and met about a million vegetarians. The amusement sadly wore off.

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