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for the voiceless

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Antm87 Antm87 United Kingdom Posts: 1
1 14 Dec 2017
Hi I just recently joined!  I became  vegan start of this year after watching cowspiracy /what the health /and hearing james aspey talk I didn't have much choice really  I had seen behind the curtain and there really is no going back! I've always been anti asablishment so I have searched for the truth so was inevitable I would become vegan I guess!
I'm still learning and have a long way to go but the more I do the more useless shit I shed each and every day happy now I'm not very great at talking and as you can tell typing lol but what I am good at is making music!  I wrote this song for the animals! For the voiceless!
I'm not looking for likes money credit ect I mean as soon as we can sort a video out it will be a song fo charity!  But until then I thoughts you guys may apreciate it! Feel free to use it for any animal rights videos you may have of your own!  Cheers x