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Food sensitivities

There's so much I can't eat

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J.Julie J.Julie VIC Posts: 1
1 17 Dec 2017
I am having a lot of trouble with the vegan diet at the moment. My body works best on a high protein high fat diet, but I can't eat any sought of beans, legumes, gluten, soy, onion or garlic. I want to stay vegan for ethical reasons but there's so much I can't eat.
We have pet chickens which lay eggs every now and then and I was thinking I could eat some of those.
Any ideas of high protein vegan foods I can eat happy
Much love-Jess love

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 17 Dec 2017
I think you'd need to take supplements like a vegan protein powder/drink to be 100% vegan - eggs are not vegan. Have you a medical problem with beans, garlic etc ?

I would suggest contacting - Vegan Australia
Here are some guidelines for tweaking vegan diets to boost protein:

  - Choose high-protein grains like quinoa. Some breads are high in protein, too.
  - Include nuts in your menus and opt more often for the higher-protein choices like peanuts (which are actually legumes) and almonds.
  - If you like them, include soyfoods in your diet. They really are protein superstars in vegan diets. (If you are allergic to soy protein, you might want to try hempseed tofu.)

 -  Keep in mind that, unless they are protein-fortified, plant milks other than soy are very low in protein.
  - Emphasize vegetables over fruits and choose higher-protein veggies like spinach and broccoli most often.

Hemp store at

Good lists at