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Tell the Government: Defend the Bight

send online petition from Greenpeace

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 2 Feb 2018
From Greenpeace Australia Pacific

First BP pulled out. Then Chevron. But the Great Australian Bight isn’t safe from the clutches of Big Oil yet.

A pack of oil companies are sizing up the waters off southern Australia, led by Norwegian giant Statoil which wants to drill this year. They’re one of the most reckless and aggressive drillers out there, and there’s no place for them in our beautiful Bight.

And it’s not just Statoil. Other companies are lining up to get a slice of the action too, and just last month the government proposed opening up a brand new area in the Bight for oil companies to bid on.

At a time when more and more of Australia’s treasured ocean environment is being sold off for dangerous oil and gas drilling, it’s crucial that we make sure our politicians know we won’t stand by while they allow places like the Bight to be ransacked for more oil we don’t need.

It’s not just oil drilling that threatens this beautiful place. The industry is intent on starting dangerous seismic blasting as early as March to find out where to drill. These blasts from seismic air guns wreak havoc on the species that underpin Southern Australia’s fishing industry, can deafen whales and dolphins, drive away fish, and damage marine life all along the food chain.

The Great Australian Bight is one of the last unexploited areas in the world. Alongside other fragile wilderness frontiers like the Arctic and the Amazon, it’s in the sights of increasingly desperate oil companies looking to make a last, desperate buck out of a dying industry. It’s up to us to draw a line in the sand.

If we win in the Bight, we the people will send a message to Big Oil that the tide really is turning; that dangerous frontier oil exploration is simply not worth the risk and the public outcry.

There are so many reasons to protect the Bight: majestic southern right whales, endangered Australian sea lions, our biggest fishing communities, pristine beaches, hundreds of kilometres of towering cliffs and some of the most unique marine life on Earth.

For a cleaner, fossil-fuel free future - sign online petition at