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Corporate brand smell tactics

does your iphone smell good?

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 16 Feb 2018

Audi AG in Ingolstadt, Germany, has a "nose team" that smells the interiors of cars and materials samples. Manuela Frank, a member of the team, says that at Audi they are striving for a "low-smell environment." Every morning at 11 o'clock, Frank and her team smell heated-up dashboards or fabric swatches. "This afternoon," said Frank in lilting English, "we are smelling the interior of a finished car."

The nose team takes care of its noses by always avoiding strong perfumes and seasonings, and they limit their smell sessions to six specimens over 15 minutes. "After that, you are not discerning," she said. "Like wine tasters, we have rules."

Ford was refreshingly hospitable and forthcoming about its smell control. Linda Graham, supervisor of the body-materials engineering department, explained the drill. "Suppliers have to run their materials through our smell test," she said and handed me a two-page document that read like an eighth-grade science project.

Buyers of Apple computers, iPhones and other products know it all too well, the smell of a new device. This very specific smell is rumored to come from inside the devices, but some have suggested that the packaging is responsible. The plastic iPhone has the same smell as the aluminum MacBook, so the scent is probably not added to the plastic. Apple has never owned up to these tactics, but an Apple Mac scent has been produced by the Air Aroma company, combining the smells of cardboard, ink and other ingredients. If you can’t afford a Mac, you can at least make your old PC smell like one.