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Proposed new laws harm charities

Send a message to youy MP

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 24 Feb 2018
From Greenpeace

The Turnbull Government could be about to shut down Greenpeace and every other not-for-profit organisation in Australia. They want to silence your voice. Act now.

There are three draft laws currently on the table that threaten to silence every single one of us - environmental groups, humanitarian organisations, people like you.

The Government says the bills are about curbing foreign influence, but what they really do is suffocate anyone who speaks out against the Government - the likes of which you’d expect to see in an authoritarian regime.

Just imagine a world without charities. It’s a world where the human rights abuses and environmental catastrophes we fight against every day would go unchecked and unpunished.

That’s not a world where any of us want to live. But that’s the world we could wake up to in just a few weeks’ time, unless we all act together right now.

Please, contact your Federal Member of Parliament now and tell them to BLOCK THE BILLS.

Here’s what these oppressive laws would mean for you:

If you donate more than $4.80 a week to a cause you care about, you’ll have to prove you’re an Australian citizen by signing legal paperwork and getting it witnessed by a JP.  That means we won’t be able to pool the resources it takes to tackle powerful companies together like we do now; and

When we speak out on political issues - that means anything being talked about in politics from climate change to inequality - we’ll be hamstrung by unbelievably complicated new rules. If we so much as miss a checkbox we could face severe penalties and even up to 10 years imprisonment.  
Hard right MPs, backed by faceless mining companies, are doing this because they’re afraid of you. They’re afraid of you because you got every major Australian bank to rule out funding new coal mines, you got BP and Chevron to drop their plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight, and you kicked supertrawlers out of Australian waters. And they hate it.

The Turnbull government is desperate to plough ahead with the Adani coal mine, and to expand the oil and gas industries - despite what that means for our neighbours in the Pacific and for our Great Barrier Reef. They’ve shown us that they’re capable of heinous things for people and our planet. But right now you’re standing in the way of all of that. Now, we have to stand together stronger than ever before.

Greenpeace is not a brand name - it’s a community of millions of dedicated people from all walks of life. We know the power we have when we work together and we’re not afraid to use it. That’s people-power - the very thing these laws are trying to destroy.

Together, we’ve fought off these attacks before and won, but we don’t have much time. Please, contact your local Federal Member of Parliament and tell them to block the bills and protect your democratic rights.


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