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Undercover cops at large

your activist mates might not be who they say they are

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 31 Mar 2018
Keep safe people -
The use of undercover police at large protests — especially those involving anarchists — is commonplace. Police in unconvincing antifa drag have become a regular feature of recent antifascist protests around the country.

...the prosecution of the dozens of people arrested during protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration, known collectively as the “J20 defendants.” While the government failed to convict the first six defendants it tried and later dropped charges against an additional 129 defendants, 59 people still face prison for their connections to the January 20, 2017 protest. Their cases rely on the testimony of Bryan Adelmeyer, an undercover D.C. cop who attended “Disrupt J20” planning meetings. Adelmeyer’s job, he testified, was to investigate the concerns of the “anti-establishment community.”

In the next trial of five J20 defendants scheduled for April 17, prosecutors intend to call an expert witness who worked for years as an “undercover agent in the anarchist extremist movement.” According to court documents, she previously infiltrated anti-G20 protests in Pittsburg in 2009 and Occupy Wall Street.
In the spring of 2001, Students for Economic Justice, the MSU affiliate of the United Students Against Sweatshops, known as USAS, discovered that it had been infiltrated by an undercover MSU police officer. Officer Jamie Gonzalez had introduced herself to the group — at its very first meeting — as “Samantha Volare,” claiming to be an MSU junior studying elementary education. Gonzalez proceeded to attend Students for Economic Justice meetings for almost a year before activists spotted her in full uniform and made her identity public.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 31 Mar 2018
If you think it could n't happen in Oz - from 2008 -
Victoria Police's secret intelligence unit has infiltrated Melbourne's activist and community groups for two years to gather information on protests against the Iraq War, Japanese whaling and a weapons exhibition.

Reigniting civil liberties concerns about police spying, an officer from the police Security Intelligence Group has infiltrated groups such as Animal Liberation Victoria, Stop the War Coalition, Unity for Peace and Socialist Alternative.

The officer, who posed as a vegan, left-wing activist, has also had close contact with representatives of church and student groups involved in anti-war demonstrations. So successful was his operation that the organising committee for this year's Palm Sunday peace march in Melbourne appointed him its minute-taker at meetings.