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Trent1 Trent1 NSW Posts: 3
1 19 Apr 2018
I just went Vegan about a week and a half ago but my parents don't really get Veganism. They especially don't get to why I don't wanna drink cows milk, so they are taking me to an 'Ethical' dairy farm, which they definitely will not show you seperate the calfs from the cows. They said when I see the farm that there is no reason to why I shouldn't drink milk. What do I do?

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 19 Apr 2018
Just don't go, or "know thy enemy" and ask lots of embarrassing questions about government subsidies, tax relief, cows reduced lifespan, if they're happy paying Dairy Services Levy, bovine diseases, why are cows not seen as an invasive species etc etc