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Four ways plastics are killing marine life ...

and reaching the oceans’ furthest depths

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 2 Jun 2018

During a research trip in Costa Rica in 2015, marine biologist Christine Figgener and her research team found a sea turtle with a plastic straw lodged in its nostrils. The video of them removing the straw is painful to watch, but it went viral online and alerted many to how plastic, especially single-use items, is harming the ocean and its inhabitants.

Three years on, countries and states are adopting policies to reduce plastic waste: New York is considering outlawing straws, while the European Commission has proposed banning items such as disposable cutlery and cotton buds. These actions could help reduce the volume of refuse entering our seas. However, as these recent cases show, much more needs to be done to reverse the effect of years of pollution.
Plastic waste is routinely washed up on shorelines, but if you think debris is only floating along the coast, details from a study by the academic journal Marine Policy study tells a different story. Analysing video footage taken by submersibles from over 5,000 dives in the western North Pacific Ocean, a team of eight researchers found plastic litter even in the world’s deepest trench over 10,000 metres down.

Another alarming highlight from the study says: “Plastics are ubiquitous even at depths over 6,000 metres and 92 per cent [is] single-use products.”