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Cruelty free product

Whats easily accessible?

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SueM SueM VIC Posts: 45
1 11 Jan 2019
I have managed to find all my makeup, haircare and household product from local mainstream stores. I now dont have to travel far or order online and they are all from the CCF list (which l prefer because their requirements for approval are super strict)  Here's what l buy....

Makeup -
Natio - priceline
Australis - priceline
Nude by nature - priceline
Designer brands - selected chemists
Savvy (by designer brands) priceline

Natio - priceline

Sukin - chemist warehouse
Ecostore - woolworths
Delorenzo - hairhouse warehouse

Tints of nature (packaged) - local health food store
Delorenzo (salon) - hairhouse warehouse

Sukin - chemist warehouse
Natures organics (liquid soap) woolworths
Ecostore (soap) woolworths

Ecostore - chemist warehouse

Washing detergent/powder for dishes and clothes
Ecostore - woolworths
Earth choice- woolworths

Household cleaning
Earth choice - woolworths

Admittedly some of these brands are not top of the range (earth choice,  australis) but ld rather scarifice on quality then on animals lives.  The only thing l havent found thats convenient is perfume. Theres a "Lush" store but l have to travel for that one. Im still undecided about The body shop (love love love white musk perfume) but CCF told me the new owners of Body shop dont want to get on board with accreditation...shame shame. They claim they are cruelty free but who knows.

Are there any things you guys are finding easily that you can add to this list??


SueM SueM VIC Posts: 45
2 12 Jan 2019

Sunscreen - natio @ priceline
Wax - waxaway @ priceline / chemist whs