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Eating animals is cruel

What do you think of meat eaters?

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SueM SueM VIC Posts: 45
1 28 Jan 2019
When l was omnivore l was just like any meat eater...l felt that eating meat was natural and didnt think twice about the fact l was responsible for destroying sentient lives. After l went vegan l just thought that meat eating was a personal choice and not for me. Now as time goes on lm finding lm becoming judgemental of meat eaters. I dont want to be but l just think its a very cruel thing to do and l find myself thinking..."how can people be so uncaring to animals?". Im feeling like the human race is very cruel and lm wondering why more people are not feeling like killing lives to eat them is wrong. I get upset when l see adds for meat or cooking shows etc. I even get borderline angry at them. I dont want to feel this way but this is what has happened to my feelings about the matter. I wish l could do more for the poor animals...its such an injustice l often find myself upset about it.
Is anyone else finding it difficult to accept this omnivore world?