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Soy Milk???

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Rebecca18 Rebecca18 VIC Posts: 12
1 18 Feb 2010
Hi, I just turned vegetarian after along time not liking red meat. I also stopped eating other kinds of meat and  i really think i feel better for it.
I was just woundering is there a different kind of milk instead of soy and cow milk because i tried soy and my throat closed up??? Any suggests???

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - SA Posts: 1071
2 18 Feb 2010
theres rice milk and oat milk! YUM! happy

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond WA Posts: 342
3 18 Feb 2010
- Vegan Freak - said:
theres rice milk and oat milk! YUM! happy
Oat Milk...
try it its my favourite

and congrats on the switch over!!! clap clap

jenny b jenny b SA Posts: 25
4 18 Feb 2010
I've never really liked the taste of soy milk, so I have oat milk and it's delicious happy

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
5 19 Feb 2010
Congrats for making the change!

Vitasoy Rice Milk is v nice!!!

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
6 19 Feb 2010
Unleashed Admin
ckimana said:
Congrats for making the change!

Vitasoy Rice Milk is v nice!!!
seconded  thumb

pitterpatter pitterpatter QLD Posts: 376
7 19 Feb 2010
Isn't there one called "So Milky" or something?  I think that there are soy milk's that have been made to taste like cow's milk...  If that's something that you were looking for.  I'm lactose intolerant so I've never enjoyed cow's milk and therefore don't know if it really tastes like cow's milk, I avoid it.  I do know that when I first started having soy milk it took me about 3 months to get used to the taste...  

Oh and congratulations on trying alternatives happy.

Apple Scruff Apple Scruff VIC Posts: 180
8 19 Feb 2010
You can also make your own nut milks which I'm told are pretty tasty.

Personally, I had the same problem but you do get used to it. I still can't handle a glass of it straight though, it's needs a lot of disguising.

The one exception though is Bonsoy which tastes nothing like any other soymilk I've tried and I drink that straight with pleasure.... only problem with that is it has been taken off the market temporarily.

Aweso_ me Aweso_ me VIC Posts: 280
9 19 Feb 2010
eww soy milk ashamed

Cj Cj NSW Posts: 378
10 19 Feb 2010
Aweso_ me said:
eww soy milk ashamed
Dont like it?

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