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Tints of Nature hair colour

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Memma-moo Memma-moo QLD Posts: 98
1 7 Mar 2010
Hi all!

I was hoping you could help me with something.  I went to a health food shop and bought a new hair colour by a company called 'Tints of Nature (Herb UK Ltd)'.  I read all over the box and it stated that there was no animal products in the dye, plus it had the rabbit symbol! (not tested on animals).  I happily went home with my awesome new purchase and applied it - when I was waiting for it to set in I started reading the little shampoo/conditioner packets that came with it and it said: "This finished product does not contain any animal products or has been tested on animals."!!!  so what? only some of the products within the actual stuff has been tested on animals, just not all together??  What exactly constitutes a product being allowed to get the rabbit symbol? I tried googling it, but I'm still recovering from my night out.  Any thoughts?  CHEERS!

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
2 7 Mar 2010
Yeah something along the lines may have been tested (like individual ingredients) but the hair dye itself hasn't been tested.

The company who makes the dye may not have tested it, but tested by another company.