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Free Saigon still?

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ChloeMB ChloeMB VIC Posts: 560
1 23 Mar 2010
I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was saddened to hear that Saigon wasn't retired and is now back on the road, so I was wondering, is the petition still going around to get her retired? Or has it finished?
Because if it is still going, then I want to print off some sheets to get a petition going at my school, because it happens to be where Saigon is going next. Which I'm sure will encourage some people there to sign.
So does anyone know?
And where can I get the sheets for the petition?

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
3 25 Mar 2010
Unleashed Admin
Thanks Jess for posting those links and to RainCloud for offering to collect signatures.

Perry Bros have decided not to retire Saigon to their 80hectare property. So if you want to collect signatures for the petition at your school that'd be a good way to help the campaign and also to raise awareness with your classmates about they wouldn't want to support this circus.