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Some Leach SHOT my cat.

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Ruin Ruin VIC Posts: 198
11 3 Apr 2010
Disgusting. Leach is probably being generous. It's horrifying to read something like this - I hope your poor kitty is ok.

She won't be going near that person again.

I don't think anyone would shoot our pets, or the possums I feed and pat. We have a shed full of guns here.

Buttons Buttons VIC Posts: 229
12 3 Apr 2010
I'm so sorry. I hope your cat pulls through.

Jessica Jessica VIC Posts: 121
13 3 Apr 2010
I'm sorry. That is just terrible, there are some serious f*ckwits around. What sort of a person shoot's a cat?
Hope you find the scumbag.

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
14 4 Apr 2010

fine em and shoot em witnh a BBGUN
ok i dont advocate violence but who could do that
sickos sad

Tanya M Tanya M VIC Posts: 741
15 4 Apr 2010
Thinking of you Emilee and hoping for the best. I sure hope justice is served.

ruby rose ruby rose SA Posts: 26
16 4 Apr 2010
i am so  sorry i hope she makes it through!!!!!
i would hate it if that happened to my baby.
did they find out who did it yet and why. sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

Memma-moo Memma-moo QLD Posts: 98
17 4 Apr 2010
OMG I'm so sorry.  I hope she pulls through.  Don't let your anger overtake you - those bastards'll think it's funny you're so compassionate.  Did anyone see anything?

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
18 4 Apr 2010
Omg the damn f**king low life freaks who did that to your cat deserve to die! Sue the hell out of them if you find out who it is!

Tink Tink QLD Posts: 100
19 14 Apr 2010
Just thought about you & Molly, did she pull through ok? xx

mushroomfeilds mushroomfeilds SA Posts: 320
20 15 Apr 2010
take it to the media if you can, write up an article and submit it. some paper is likely to put it through, yeahappy

im really sorry to hear about molly i hope shes okay:/ if she needs the surgery im sure we could pull together a fundraiserhappy

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