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A BS reply about duck 'hunting' season 2010 from DSE

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xx Melinda xx xx Melinda xx VIC Posts: 40
1 3 May 2010
Hey All,
Just sharing what the DSE sent me in a email about this year's duck hunting season.... from what i can tell, its just another computerised reply about what they are not doing.

I refer to your correspondence regarding duck hunting. As this matter falls within my area
of responsibility the Premier has asked me to respond.
This sustainable use of wildlife is provided for under the Wildlife Act 1975 and government
policy supports duck hunting on this basis.
To ensure that hunting remains sustainable, the Department of Sustainability and
Environment (DSE) annually reviews a number of population, habitat and environmental
indicators to establish the status of waterfowl across eastern Australia. This data is used
to determine whether a duck season can be conducted without compromising the
conservation status of any game or non-game species.
Other ongoing strategies adopted by DSE to ensure that no species is put at risk include a
requirement for all duck hunters to pass the Waterfowl Identification Test as a measure of
their ability to identify waterbird species before being allowed to hunt ducks in Victoria.
Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 a Code of Practice is in place to
prevent cruelty to game species and protect the welfare of other animals where hunting
occurs. Hunters who operate outside this code may be prosecuted.
DSE will continue to manage duck hunting on the best environmental data available and
will work closely with community groups to ensure that duck hunting is conducted in a
safe, responsible and sustainable manner.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

xx Melinda xx xx Melinda xx VIC Posts: 40
3 3 May 2010
My mother's partner (both of whom I don't talk to any more) goes every year to NSW to participate in duck hunting... I've never agreed or thought very big of him, I've always thought that killing animals was wrong. Just wish there was more we could do sometimes.

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
4 3 May 2010
I got the same BS....

Tanya M Tanya M VIC Posts: 741
5 4 May 2010
They just don't see how they are contradicting themselves, do they.

"a Code of Practice is in place to prevent cruelty to game species" killing does not equal cruelty?!!  confused

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
6 4 May 2010
I run the duck army a group of teens against duck shooting in victoria. All of our members received the EXACT same responce sad

Etranger Etranger ACT Posts: 53
7 4 May 2010


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