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Have you seen EARTHLINGS?

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Unleashed Unleashed VIC Posts: 17
1 4 May 2010
They call 'EARTHLINGS' the "definitive animal rights film" ... "the most comprehensive film ever made about the ways people use animals for food, clothing, experimentation and entertainment" ... "the most violent film of all time ... only it's REAL."

One thing is for sure, this film has an impact on everyone who is brave enough to watch it. And now that EARTHLINGS has been released for free online, everyone can now see this important film -- and we want to get your thoughts and impressions. So whether you've seen the movie ten times over, or didn't get even past the trailer, POST YOUR STORY BELOW!

Haven't seen it yet? Watch EARTHLINGS online:


RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
2 4 May 2010
This is a doco I couldn't imagine watching more than once.... but I think everyone should be made to watch it.

Jenn Jenn QLD Posts: 1
3 4 May 2010
I haven't seen such a meaningful, yet explicate documentry in my life. It was so well executed. I cried the whole way through and i am still crying now. It is a shame that the main audience to watch this documentry will be the people who already care and are aware of the horrifying acts of cruilty, neglect and nauseating living standards these animals have to endure. Well done keep up the good work, we will make people listen :*(

JessicaSmile JessicaSmile WA Posts: 27
4 4 May 2010
I Almost Never Cry.

My eyes are burning, From Crying.

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
5 5 May 2010
I got my omni friend to watch this tonight - simply by posting it on FB and saying "I dare you to watch this" and she's the kind of person who will take you up on dares....

She vomited twice, was crying 17mins in, is disgusted to be a part of the human race and said she will never eat meat again.

Don't underestimate the powers of FaceBook/MySpace. Post this link! If we all convert just one person each, think of the difference.

The Almighty Heatherzilla The Almighty Heatherzilla VIC Posts: 70
6 5 May 2010
Just finished watching this. I think I bawled my eyes out most of the way through. Such a well made documentary though.

And of course this got linked on facebook. Hopefully people watch it and it helps change their perceptions.

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
7 5 May 2010
Well not a single person replied to my post when I posted the trailer up and even asked for comments. sad But I'll try posting the movie and see if anyone 'dares' watch.

Buttons Buttons VIC Posts: 229
8 5 May 2010
I watched it online when I first went vegan. It definitely cemented my decision to become vegan. A few of the comments I've read about it from omnis* criticise the filmmakers for not stepping in and stopping the animals from being killed! rolleyes

It's a documentary. Does David Attenborough ever step in to stop a wildebeest getting trampled or eaten?

*The sort of omnis who call themselves "carnivores." You know the type  yawn

9 5 May 2010
yeah, so I actually just watched this a few days ago, I couldn't watch parts of it, and the part where they throw that dog in with the garbage just broke my heart. It's very graphic and informative, and pretty full on.
My boyfriend couldn't watch it, but he will still eat cheese and meat without a care in the world. Doesn't really make sense to me!

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
10 5 May 2010
My boyfriend couldn't watch it, but he will still eat cheese and meat without a care in the world. Doesn't really make sense to me!

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