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Have you seen EARTHLINGS?

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KittyVegan KittyVegan VIC Posts: 203
71 22 Jul 2010
Yep!! I didn't sleep propley for a good 2 weeks after that and hated everyone. I of course became vegan for those reasons but seeing earthlings whilst being vegan made me so glad I was vegan and I'll never change. Ient it to a few people one friend wouldn't watch it cause she's likes meat and a matirialistic lifestyle to much pffff and the other went cold hard vegan! ecstatic

Leila Leila SA Posts: 2
72 26 Jul 2010
I saw it. That's how I became vegan AGAIN. My sister made me watch it. She's been a vegetarian for 22 years.

athlonchick1 athlonchick1 United States Posts: 2
73 29 Jul 2010
Unleashed said:
They call 'EARTHLINGS' the "definitive animal rights film" ... "the most comprehensive film ever made about the ways people use animals for food, clothing, experimentation and entertainment" ... "the most violent film of all time ... only it's REAL."

One thing is for sure, this film has an impact on everyone who is brave enough to watch it. And now that EARTHLINGS has been released for free online, everyone can now see this important film -- and we want to get your thoughts and impressions. So whether you've seen the movie ten times over, or didn't get even past the trailer, POST YOUR STORY BELOW!

Haven't seen it yet? Watch EARTHLINGS online:


athlonchick1 athlonchick1 United States Posts: 2
74 29 Jul 2010
I have to say this is a horrific but a must see video.. I truly was not aware of the brutality practice on animals.. I made myself watch this video all through the end and my heart broke into millions of pieces.  I did not much red meat, but a lot of chicken and turkey.  I'm now a vegan for life.  And I want to take action here in the U.S. and every where else there is mutilation going on in the world..  I cried all day and I cried myself to sleep on this matter.  My God Bless us with the courage and the will to keep fighting for all animals to be safe and live in harmony.

Tracey Tracey QLD Posts: 127
75 31 Jul 2010
i watched (most of) it and it made me feel so sad. i stopped drinking milk and eating eggs almost completely about a year ago and stopped eating meat 11 years ago, im going to stop eating animals products all together now. thats it, i'm done with increasing this unneccessary suffering!
I got two lovely quotes from the film (trying to look on the positive side and bring something good away from such horror), 'the animal should not be measured by man' and 'it takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal'.
My dad, who is a sometimes vegetarian, is watching it now, with his dog keeping him company... im looking forward to the outcome...hopefully my facebook friends will watch it and open their eyes.

Truc Truc VIC Posts: 85
76 31 Jul 2010
i couldnt watch it all, only for like 5mins..

77 31 Jul 2010
I watched earthlings tonight and after watching it - there is no way I can go back to eating meat and I really want to spread the message to my friends and family. I have never been a big meat eater but now I really can't eat it. I can't believe how incredibly cruel humans can be to animals..

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
78 5 Aug 2010
the garbage truck bit was heartbreaking ='( i had to close my eyes

but the image that will stay with me longer than any other is the close up of the poor animal that had just been skinned and was still alive and blinking ='( ='(  that image brings me to tears every time i think of it, i'm crying just writing about it ='(

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
79 5 Aug 2010
I watched Earthings for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I'm still having trouble keeping back tears when i think about it. before I was vegetarian planning to gradually move up to veganism, now i am determined to move forward much quicker. I wish this movie was on the high school curriculum in all countries.

Shonnie Shonnie NSW Posts: 237
80 5 Aug 2010
I have been around animal cruelty all my life, with my parents, grandparents and step family all working in animal welfare and I thought I had a strong stomach towards this sort of stuff, but I tried to sit through just the trailer of this film and I was in tears and near vomiting. I couldn't even watch it all the way through. Since watching it I have been completely vegetarian ( I was still in the process of transistioning) and I will be working very, very hard to go Vegan.

I'm shocked and appalled that such cruelty still exists in society today. It's so very very sad. sad

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