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food labelling

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lenny lenny QLD Posts: 3
1 1 Jul 2009
okay so this is kinda a long winded question, but here goes

as far as i understand jewish food rules (and very very very sorry if anyone is jewish and i am wrong about this or what i am saying sounds disrespectful), kosher food (food that it is okay for jews to eat) is grouped into three categories; meat, dairy and parve. meat and dairy are fairly self explanatory, and parve is basically anything kosher that doesn't contain meat or dairy.

so, my question is: if something is labelled as parve, does that mean that it's vegan as well?

does this make sense?


Charlotte Rae Charlotte Rae VIC Posts: 44
2 1 Jul 2009
Not necessarily.
Although parve cancels out  any ingredients derived from meat and dairy, egg and fish may still be present as these are considered parve foods.

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
3 1 Jul 2009
I have an ALV card that says all food ingredients derived from animal products
maybe contact ALV and ask if they have any left happy

Nathanael Nathanael VIC Posts: 211
4 1 Jul 2009
Quite a lot of food you'll find in kosher shops will have egg (generally egg whites, and near the end of the ingredients list so I always get excited first). But also a decent chunk doesn't have egg etc., and it will generally be imported stuff you're not going to find at an everyday health food shop/supermarket.  But no as previously stated parve does not equal vegan.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
5 1 Jul 2009
I've always wondered what parve meant. Thx!