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Wollongong Council Deer hunting!!!

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Miss Amy Miss Amy NSW Posts: 15
1 16 May 2010
Hey so i live in wollongong and the news just had how all these deer are coming down  from the national park.
They are going to encourage hunters, but are still debating on if it should be sport or just professional hunters.

i think it should be none at all.

i encourage you all to contact the council and ask them to ban the hunting alltogether

or if you want to help with any protest or anything please post a reply with your ideas.


soy soy NSW Posts: 100
2 17 May 2010
Thanks for posting this Amy, I was going to yesterday but totally forgot D:
It's ridiculous. You don't see the deer killing us when we come to their land! Silly Wollongong.

Miss Amy Miss Amy NSW Posts: 15
3 19 May 2010
hey yer i no its stupid they even showed the babies on the news its like why would you how could u??

they even shot bows and arrows at them as a man had one in his roof

like wtf???

people disgust me