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Dairy farm cruelty

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Nathan Nathan VIC Posts: 148
1 3 Jun 2010
I got sent this by email from ALV.

It's so shocking, it made me so upset and mad angry  How can people do this, what's wrong with them.

"Shocking footage filmed by an undercover investigator from Mercy For Animals (MFA) in the US has rocked the world. Workers on a dairy farm in Ohio were filmed beating cows with crowbars, stomping on a calf's head and stabbing animals with pitchforks. Cruelty to dairy cows here in Australia was also reported to ALV last month by an ex-employee of a dairy farm near Colac, Victoria. The worker witnessed cows getting regular beatings and having their tails broken. Read the employee's statutory declaration. Wherever it happens dairy farming is cruel. Sadism and brutality happens to some cows, but they all have their babies taken after birth.   Watch the MFA video  (Warning: graphic footage)"

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
2 3 Jun 2010
Sounds so horrible. And that's one video i'm not ready to watch just yet. Sounds devistating. sad
I think people with power and money need to see this crap. I'm sick of waiting for our governments and people in charge to do something. Just the thought that it goes on in this day and age makes me feel weak and ill. sad

BobbyCalf BobbyCalf VIC Posts: 30
3 3 Jun 2010
I think it is important to inform your friends in a non-preaching kind of way when they ask about veganism to say that it is because you don't want to support such cruel industries.  

I have managed to convert one friend to veganism (she was already vego) and my other friends now know that eggs/dairy are not animal friendly (I dont think it stops them from consuming it at all though)

Egg/dairy farm cruelty makes me so sad - it took me so long to make the connection between animal cruelty and these industries sadI'm glad i know now though but I wish I could do more to change it..

Tanya M Tanya M VIC Posts: 741
4 3 Jun 2010
I've watched it. It's horrific. I found it so disturbing to see what a kick these men got out of inflicting such brutality.

Nathan Nathan VIC Posts: 148
5 4 Jun 2010
I couldn't believe what they were doing to them and those poor little calves  sad

I'm a vegetarian and I've been wanting to go vegan for a while now and after watching that video I'm going to start cutting out as much milk and eggs I can and hopefully cut it out altogether eventually.

I hope I can do it because it's going to be more expensive and where I live there isn't much vegan stuff. But I'm going to try.

StephVeganXO StephVeganXO QLD Posts: 124
6 8 Jun 2010
so sad!
even on dairy farms where there is no "cruely" like bashings and things (i doubt such a place excists) the whole thing is horrid-
my cousin works on a dairy farm and mum was arguing all the online videos and stuff are from other countires blah blah blah, so i asked my cousin (works on a nz dairy farm) shes like
yeah we insert the cows(with whatever) to make them pregg-but thats not my job thats another lady that does that...
how making a cow preggers and taking its babies away its whole life acceptable!

leticia-porth leticia-porth NSW Posts: 151
7 12 Jun 2010
omg thats so terrrible! sadsadsadsad