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Vegan Page

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Connors_mummy Connors_mummy NSW Posts: 12
1 5 Jun 2010

Ive made a facebook age on being vegan and just wanted to get it out there. Let me know what you think! ecstatic

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
2 6 Jun 2010
Looks good, I'll join and look through it. The recipes have caught my eye wink

pitterpatter pitterpatter QLD Posts: 376
3 6 Jun 2010
I 'liked' it!  You've got heaps of links on there, brilliant!

The ingredient list is awesome, and the info about vitamins! happy

Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
4 6 Jun 2010
I 'liked' it  (:  It looks pretty good and the ingredient and nutrition pages are bloody awesome

Connors_mummy Connors_mummy NSW Posts: 12
5 8 Jun 2010
Thanks so much everyone!!!!! Any suggestions to make it better?

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
6 8 Jun 2010
I like it happy lots of info and links which is great!

Don't know if it's possible... but a recipe tab so it's easier to find recipes and putting Vegan Nutrition under another heading ie Nutrition. I nearly didn't click Boxes but glad I found it!

leticia-porth leticia-porth NSW Posts: 151
7 12 Jun 2010
ill join it happy

Connors_mummy Connors_mummy NSW Posts: 12
8 12 Jun 2010
Good idea, Ive also been trying to rename the Boxes tab but I can't work out how! sad

Connors_mummy Connors_mummy NSW Posts: 12
9 12 Jun 2010
Ive added new tabs so its more clear! ecstatic thankyou for your suggestions!

Randomzz Randomzz United States Posts: 144
10 12 Jun 2010
hmm interesting  thumb

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