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Please help me email Pfizer

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kitakami kitakami WA Posts: 41
1 21 Jun 2010
I got this awful letter form them.
Dear Ms Crosswell,

We refer to your email of 17 June 2010 regarding Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Everyone at Pfizer looks forward to the time when it will no longer be necessary to involve animals in research. However, with present knowledge, there is no alternative if cures or improved treatments are to be found. Pfizer is seeking cures and treatments for outstanding, pressing medical challenges including AIDS and other infectious diseases, heart disease, stroke, cancer, inflammation and nervous system disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

Claims that animal testing is unnecessary are wrong. At present, animal testing is the only way to answer certain questions such as how a new medicine behaves in an entire living system rather than just in isolated cells or tissues. We do not choose to do animal testing.  There is no equally effective way to measure a new medicine’s safety and potential value before it is given to human volunteer.

bethaney bethaney QLD Posts: 29
2 22 Jun 2010
oh what a joke, it's been said over and over, even by researchers themselves; the results of animal tests do not always equate to the results in humans, so it is USELESS to test on other species which the drug is not developed for.

Excuses to continue testing so they can make ridiculous claims, like "tests prove that (insert drug name) showed positive results in the fight against (insert disease name)", without claims like this drug companies have very little to use as "proof" to the public.

At least we know better happy