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What I found

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Etranger Etranger ACT Posts: 53
1 5 Jul 2010
Doing a little random web surfing recently I came across two websites that I found iinteresting and wonder what others think.
It seems that you just can't trust labelling
It give me pause but there is no mistaking the passion

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
2 6 Jul 2010
Etranger said:
It seems that you just can't trust labelling
oooh yes I definately agree.... especially with the labelling of caged eggs. I work as a check-out chick and see all the different brands of eggs, with colourful packaging, sweet pictures of roaming chickens and a bold "grain-fed" heading.... yet next to the astrix in tiny writing says "cage-eggs"