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patrickclody patrickclody NSW Posts: 26
1 9 Aug 2010
How do I get them? i have team member and vegan, i know it's not a game but i AM fur and leather and cruelty free and the badges look shiny and remind me of pokemon.

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
2 10 Aug 2010
Unleashed Admin
Glad you like the badges! Here's how you get each of them:

Animals Testing Badge: make the animal testing pledge:

Fur, Leather & Wool Badges: make the pledge to wear your own skin:

Vegetarian Badge: pledge to go veg:

Vegan Badge: update your profile to say you're vegan.

Recruiter's Badge: Have 1 friend that you invited join Unleashed. You can invite them here:

Socialite Badge: Make more than 10 Unleashed friends (don't quote me on that number!).

Action Team Badge: Join the Action Team: