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Queen St Mall Pamphlet Handout - Term 3 - Brisbane

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Mwophie Mwophie WA Posts: 3
1 8 Sep 2010
Hi guys, i wanted toget some people together to hand out unleashed pamphlets in Queen St Mall in Brisbane, one Saturday afternoon next term. None of my friends are really interested so I thought some of you guys might be up for it!
Get back to me - we can wear unleashed shirts and animal ears of something ! xx

Abbey Abbey Australia Posts: 3
2 9 Sep 2010
I'm  very up for it!
Let me know if you organise anything,
or maybe we can organise it together!

Emmy14 Emmy14 Antarctica Posts: 572
3 9 Sep 2010
I wish I could come, but I can't sound so fun!!!!!!!!! Hope it all goes well guys!

Abbey Abbey Australia Posts: 3
4 9 Sep 2010
Ohh, why could you not come?
I'm excited. I hope we can plan this.

Hitler Hitler Iraq Posts: 465
5 9 Sep 2010
Yeah ill come for sure! t-shirt and all happy let me know the details.

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
6 9 Sep 2010
If it doesn't clash with other stuff, I'll try to come too! happy