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Boyfriend muscle food....?

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EmilyCares EmilyCares SA Posts: 8
1 10 Sep 2010

This is my very 1st post but its a very important one!
Ive been a vegetarian for a while now but my boyfriend has just decided he wants to be vegetarian. He is studying enviromental management at uni and allong with his love for animals, he thinks its time. As his housemate and girl (who likes to do the cooking), does anyone have any tips on how to keep building muscle and weighlifting on a vegetarian/vegan diet? strong

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Emily love

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
2 10 Sep 2010
Unleashed Admin
Last year's Mr Natural Universe is a vegetarian from Brisbane. He has an online vegetarian body building program that might be worth checking out:

If you google vegetarian body building you should come up with some other helpful sites, for example:

Mondayschild Mondayschild WA Posts: 1452
3 10 Sep 2010
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't be vegetarian and build muscle happy Some of the worlds greatest athletes are vegan! I'm not super informed in this area but I can offer the advice I do know.
There are plenty of non whey protein powders available- pea/soy/rice protein, or if he's not vegan then he can stick with the milk based ones. Nuts are good snacks, they have protein and good fats. Legumes are his best friend. Go crazy with lentils, chick peas and all sorts of beans. Make sure to use brown rice instead of white or use quinoa instead. Tofu and tempeh are packed with protein and you can do some great things with them- tofu burgers, stir frys- the list is endless. Protein is not the be all and end all for muscle growth, carbs are very important aswell, but choose whole grain/whole wheat versions. And plenty of veggies goes without saying!
P.s. cute dog in your display pic wink

EmilyCares EmilyCares SA Posts: 8
4 10 Sep 2010
Thank you so much!

Im trying to keep him motivated and enthused about being Veggo as loosing muscle was his biggest concern! but im trying to keep everything exciting in these early days  broccoli

Tofu Ninja Tofu Ninja NSW Posts: 165
5 10 Sep 2010
I'm guessing he is exercising or going to the gym if he is scared about losing muscle..? Some of the toughest men around are vegans.
As long as he keeps a balanced diet and keeps up at the gym he'll be fine.

If he really wants it there are vegan weight gain supplements (like the whey ones, but not made from milk). But if he isn't worried about milk I think most of those supplements are fine.

6 16 Jan 2011

Akasha213 Akasha213 VIC Posts: 227
7 16 Jan 2011
The Great Kali is vegetarian too.
Just thought I'd mention that cause I think he's great happy
I'm a bit of a wrestling fan haha ashamed

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
8 17 Jan 2011
vegan strength is melbourne based and have won international body building competitions!