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i need your help

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Asha13 Asha13 SA Posts: 22
1 23 Jul 2009
ok guys heres the thing, at my high school we have to do personal projects and they count for most of our end of year grade naturally i picked animals rights/animal cruelty but heres where i need your help i know of the more known web sites for info but other then Peta, animals unleashed, animals Australia ect do you guys know of? i need a site with not only the hard truth but pictures to get the point across to all those people who dont belive animals are being treated in unbelivble ways. thank you for any help xxx

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
2 23 Jul 2009
Are you going to base it on thr Australian animal rights movement or the global movement (I would take the AUstralian option - people generally can't believe what goes on in Australia []they expect it from America])

but here..   - animal liberation victoria - lots and lots of info            - a bit like unleashed - focussed at the youth  - outlining the animal rights movement with a legal lense   - dietary information  - lots of good photos   - PETA but a little more close to home   -lots of information + plus interviews with the faces of the animal rights movement.

that's all i can think of off the top of my head. good luck with it happy

Asha13 Asha13 SA Posts: 22
3 23 Jul 2009
thanks matt, yeah i was going to go with just Australia for now i was thinking the whole this is going on in your backyard type thing ya know? shock people with whats happening here, ...yeah lol

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
4 23 Jul 2009
the Victorian puppy farms

and the horse racing industry

factory farms

animal testing/experimentation

Also, if you use the 'search' function on the Animals Australia website you are bound to find loads of stuff.

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
5 23 Jul 2009
Do you know what happended to the dogs?

Jamison Jamison VIC Posts: 271
6 23 Jul 2009
Somewhere to perhaps ask is the animal liberation front.
They are basically a direct-action forum, so people on there have BEEN in laboratorys or factory farms and have witnessed the horror that occurs in slaughter houses and in circuses. If you want first-hand info i recomend asking on there, although I don't think you'd get much out of them, because they don't discuss their direct action with other people. It's safer that way, and means that if they get convicted of anything there is no proof of it online.

They're an interesting bunch of people though happy

I know there are so many other sites like and, but the best place to get information is from the people that actually go into these situations. Ask people from alv (animal liberation victoria) There are a couple of guys on here from their youth section (animal liberation youth) who might be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck happy Have a lucky dancing bananna dance

Asha13 Asha13 SA Posts: 22
7 23 Jul 2009
a dancing banana?  why thank you ecstatic

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
9 24 Jul 2009