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Why is it so hard?

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Lachlan the animal lover Lachlan the animal lover NSW Posts: 55
1 4 Oct 2010
I find myself alot trying to give up meat just like that and I found out its hard it really is. But it wasn't till tonight I stopped just like that. In my mind it is hard, you know just to drop meat like that, but I guess 1 thing changed my mind my motivation. And people ask me why? and how? Why do you give up meat? How do you give up meat? The answer to these 2 questions are very simple Why? Cause I dont like cruelty. and of corse the same reply is its human to eat meat its human blah blah blah But it is also human to try new things. Where would we be if we didnt try scraping 2 rocks together? and How? How do you give up meat is that you [email protected]#king question its not a science dumpass. But I wanna know why did you stop eating meat? and what made you stop? Why dont you wear leather? Why do you think everyones should? Do you want everyone to stop eating meat? I know these question and I'm sure you have all heard them before but I personally want to know about you about the vast marjority of vegitrains/vegans and etc.

sarahwithanh27 sarahwithanh27 VIC Posts: 439
2 4 Oct 2010
Awesome job on your dedication. (: It can be hard sometimes in the early days but you know why you're doing what you're doing and that's great.
I stopped eating meat because I couldn't help but feel that there's not really that much different from us and non-human animals. They might look different, but they feel love and pain just the same, and often, they're a lot more pleasant than some humans can be haha. I could never agree with the slaughter of another just to sustain myself, when there's so much good food out there that does a better job. When I know about the families living in poverty also because they grow the grain that feed our livestock, leaving them with bare-minimum to live off, it just didn't feel right.
The thought of leather is just really gross to me! Wearing somebody else's skin... it's weird! And then knowing where it came from etc etc.
I think it would be beneficial for our planet and its inhabitants if those who could, stopped eating meat.

Chip Chip VIC Posts: 168
3 4 Oct 2010
Well, sounds like you're a bit frazzled there, but don't panic! You'll get the hang of it soon!

I was never too big on meat in the first place so I didn't really have any trouble giving it up, but I went through a process of first just cutting down on meat whenever the opportunity arose before finally giving meat the boot! From the sounds of it you're eager to give it up straight away, so perhaps just try eating some meat-like substitutes while you start getting used to it. I personally wouldn't recommend jumping straight into veg*nism but if you feel confident enough you can hold back the urges I say go for it!!  You're doing a great thing just committing yourself!

Yeah, the questions from people really are a pain in the a**, I don't get too much of it any more but when I first "announced" my decision I got lots of it. My understanding of it is that people don't so much want to attack your decision, but they're curious... my friends all thought that being vegetarian meant eating nothing but lettuce and apples (and I'm not joking either...), so if you can just work out your answers to these FAQs, just tell them what they want to know. That way they'll stop asking you so much. wink

I stopped eating meat for several reasons:
#1- I have always hated animal cruelty in any form, I'm a very sensitive person who empathises with just about everything, so I can quite literally feel the pain when I see an animal in pain
#2- after my rat died I couldn't bear to think of millions of animals a year having that same look of vulnerability and defeat in their eyes
#3- My "religion" (so to speak)... or belief is a better word, fully endorses a raw, vegan diet, at first I thought it was impossible... but then I researched and found how bad the meat industry is...
#4- I knew veg*nism is probably one of the healthiest diets there is!

As for you're question on everybody not eating meat, I don't so much want to push every person into it without warning, I personally believe that with a frequent, yet non-aggresive, push for vegan diets, the world will slowly work it's way into veganism, for now all we can hope for is that the meat currently killed is brought up in a healthy and happy manner until meat-eating is phased out.

Hope that was of a little bit of help to you!

Lachlan the animal lover Lachlan the animal lover NSW Posts: 55
4 4 Oct 2010
have  you watched earthlings by the way?

carinaforkeeps carinaforkeeps NSW Posts: 484
5 4 Oct 2010
why did you stop eating meat?
i figured how hypocritical i was being when i said i loved animals, yet continued to eat them. so i decided to research what exactly went into what we eat, and i was beyond horrified. i spent hours crying, and decided in that moment that i wouldn't eat it anymore. and deciding to stop eating meat was a non-issue for me, i actually found it surprisingly easy.

why dont you wear leather?
the whole concept of leather is disgusting. it looks bad, smells bad, and its an animals skin. why DO people wear leather?

do you want everyone to stop eating meat?
in an ideal world, of course. but i'm a realist, so i just wish that people who insisted on eating meat researched it and made an informed decision. if someone can watch earthlings and say "you know what, i still want to eat meat", i'll respect them a hell of a lot more than someone who won't watch it and say "it doesn't make a difference anyway". but vegetarian world FTW!

Chip Chip VIC Posts: 168
6 4 Oct 2010
Lachlan the animal lover said:
have  you watched earthlings by the way?
I haven't although I have watched the trailer numerous times and just start bawling like mad. I keep pushing myself to watch it, but it'll just make me angry and mega-depressed, and right now I don't think I could really handle that much emotion, haha! But definitely worth watching if you feel the need to boost your motivation on helping animals! happy

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
7 4 Oct 2010
Well, first up, good on you for keeping at it.

I'm vegan because it's not necessary to eat animals to survive, nor is it necessary to eat products derived from animals. The way these products and creatures are farmed is cruel, resource heavy and ecologically irresponsible. Vegetarians and vegans, if they plan their diet intelligently, are some of the healthiest people alive, and on average, they live longer.

I don't wear leather because it's the skin of another living being. How gross is that? The world is disgusted by the thought of Nazis making lampshades from the skin of Jews, and I ask you, how is leather any different?

Sure, ideally, I'd love the whole world to (gradually) go veg*an, but I know that it isn't likely to happen. I can handle that.