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wildside-of-natural7 wildside-of-natural7 VIC Posts: 15
1 7 Oct 2010
im currently in an enviro team at my school and we want to cut down the electrisity that we use...but how? i need help! does anyone have any ideas on how to do this??? i want to make my school more eco freindly to the environment!!!!!  chick

Karen Karen United States Posts: 1012
2 7 Oct 2010
Unleashed Admin
Yayy! Good for you! happy

One place that energy seems to get wasted in schools and workplaces is at computer terminals. Often computers just get left idle or on standby overnight. This uses lots of power that is totally unnecessary. There's a campaign to try and get Australia to "switch off", check it out

Are you interested in other ways to reduce your school's eco impact? One place to start could be your tuckshop/canteen. A staggering volume of greenhouse gas emissions result from food production (mostly animal products) -- and that's easily improved by simply getting more vegetarian/vegan options at your school. Check out

What other ideas have you had?

JaimieCS JaimieCS VIC Posts: 363
4 7 Oct 2010
I started a similar thing at my high school.

Get your school to sign up for a sustainability rating, aim for 5 stars in 10 years. (the criteria are quite stringent, or they were.)

The first things we did were:

-programming all heaters and coolers to between 19 and 21 degrees permenently, as that's their most efficient setting.
- had blinds installed where needed for temp control.
- switched all the light sources in the school to eco bulbs.
- Signed up for proper recycling facilities with the council, they take care of it for you
- redesigned and replanted our gardens with natives
- refitted all the taps and bubblers
- made the school paper supplies 100% recycled, including toilet paper.
- put signs on every light switch fan and powerpoint reminding people to turn them off.

mostly simple stuff, but its a good place to start.

wildside-of-natural7 wildside-of-natural7 VIC Posts: 15
5 8 Oct 2010
lol thx for the ideas everyone!!!! im gonna get right on it happy this school is gonna become eco friendly in all aspects wink tell me if you think of any more!!!!  idea

wildside-of-natural7 wildside-of-natural7 VIC Posts: 15
6 8 Oct 2010
im thinking of doing more out of school work as we become more eco friendly and widen our sight, how would i do that???