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being vegan is tricky

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gaytee. gaytee. NSW Posts: 40
1 5 Aug 2009
hey, im finding it very very difficult to determine what products are vegan and what products ARE NOT.
i find half of my life studying that back of food packaging, i think the people at the local supermarket think im insane.
i make really yummy dinners with fresh organic ingrediants, but when i just want to heat something up or grab something snacky, thats when i start going insane!
is their any full lists anywhere of the vegan products available at woolworths/coles etc. or really any general list?
thanks (:

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
2 5 Aug 2009

This might help - I don't think it contains EVERY product though. It sucks but I think the easiest way is probably just remember the things that are ok and aren't.  Takes a while, but once you become familiar with the stuff it's much more easier.

Also maybe check out the "Accidentally Vegan" thread?

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
3 5 Aug 2009
Basically what Matt said... just learn what is and what isn't and stick with what you know. It does get a little annoying, but I enjoy reading labels and learning that something is "accidently vegan". Somethings you just learn by looking at them that they aren't... eg: sweet chilli & sour cream chips...

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
4 5 Aug 2009
Haha, I remember when I first became vegan, I used to spend so much time reading labels!!! As the others have said you learn which ones are ok. Sometimes they change their ingredients too so it's wise to keep any eye out on forums for updates.

I also don't worry about products that state "may contain milk etc".

The accidentally vegan thread is unreal! happy

Jamison Jamison VIC Posts: 271
5 5 Aug 2009
try your best. as i read on the peta site:

Looking for .001% animal ingredients on EVERY packet is insane, and it shows others who may be interested in going vegan that the veg lifestyle is very difficult to live by.

Your best bet is to research what you already have in your cupboard/fridge and see what is and isn't vegan, then start with the obviously vegan stuff (so good, for example) and slowly expand. I found my first two months of being vegetarian, I ate nothing but oriental noodles, because i didn't understand what was and wasn't vegetarian. And i'm going through that phase again, going vegan, except most of what i eat is tofu and potato happy but, with time, I will learn what is vegan, and i'll buy it. It is dificult at the start. If you're not already veg, then don't bother going vegan so soon. It's better to learn about what vegetarian dishes you can cook, so that when you do go vegan, you know how to substitute foods and such, otherwise you end up eating (like me) nothing but 2 minute noodles, and no other options at all.

Once you know that cadbury chocolate isn't vegan (I have picked it up SO MANY TIMES and checked the ingredients, on the hope that they have made it vegan) you don't have to check it again (unless you're desperate) same with other products (just chocolate is more important than other products ninja ) but do re-check every once in a while to make sure that what you're eating hasn't had the ingredients changed.

fAeRiEs ArE aFtEr Me fAeRiEs ArE aFtEr Me VIC Posts: 376
6 5 Aug 2009
Honestly, dedicate an hour to the shopping centre next time you go. I recently did this and found sooo many things were vegan that I would never have checked before! For example, a lot of Coles brand products are vegan like their mayonnaise for example. I know it sounds like hard work, but once you've done it you'll know! Oh, did I mention OREO'S?? I need an Oreo eating smiley lol dance

Tofu Ninja Tofu Ninja NSW Posts: 165
7 5 Aug 2009
Asian supermarkets are pretty cool. Perhaps change supermarkets for a while and see the products Coles and Woolies dont stock.

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
8 5 Aug 2009
Tofu Ninja said:
Asian supermarkets are pretty cool.
Understatement tongue

Kaisha Kaisha VIC Posts: 97
9 5 Aug 2009
Is it possible for a mod to re-name this thread??

I don't think it's good if we have 'omnivorous guests' visit if they are considering becoming veg and read this in the top posts!