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40 hour famine

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Charlotte Rae Charlotte Rae VIC Posts: 44
1 9 Aug 2009
Hi all!
From the 21-23 August World Vision is running the annual 40 hour famine.
The focus this year is the global food crisis.

Did you know ?
People in over 30 countries are suffering from the effects of the Global Food Crisis.
There are now over 900 million chronically hungry people around the world, and approximately 1.4 billion live in extreme poverty.
Malnourished children are more likely to die from illnesses like diarrhoea and malaria.
Every day, an estimated 25,000 children die from hunger and preventable diseases.

You can  give up something as simple a food, your phone or the use of the computer. While it may be a few hours for you and me it is a lifetime for people affected by the global food crisis.

So get involved in this worthy cause. I'm taking part by giving up my phone, food, speech and my computer ( it's going to be a long 40 hours) You can donate online at
Better still, take part in it as well.

Peace, love, world domination!

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
2 9 Aug 2009
speech? ahhh thats such a great idea! Im going to give up my speech for 40 hrs (should be quite hard for someone like myself)
Furniture is also a good idea that I was considering, too.

Emily Emily VIC Posts: 66
3 9 Aug 2009
im giving up technology, food, transport (other than walking or running tongue) and indoors.

Francis Francis VIC Posts: 286
4 11 Aug 2009
There is no food crisis,  just a greed crisis

x.Tara x.Tara NSW Posts: 357
5 11 Aug 2009
Francis said:
There is no food crisis,  just a greed crisis
why is it that you always manage to word things perfectly?lol

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
6 11 Aug 2009
I would totally do it this year... but I have an industry awards night on the 22nd in which they are catering for me (yay!) and it's a night of fine dining and booze... but I will sponsor anyone who does it!

Mmm maybe I could famine from my internets? >_< not possible!

I tried speech one year... I lasted 36hrs. I blurted something out. Damnit.

I would try no makeup or hair product... but again the award night... sigh.

Apple Scruff Apple Scruff VIC Posts: 180
7 12 Aug 2009
I don't mean to be putting any of this down. I think it's great that you guys are doing your bit to reduce poverty in the world. I was going to do it until I thought about what World Vision does for a while (and I have taken part in the 40 hour famine before)....

Part of World Vision's work involves giving communities farm animals to use for their produce and meat. While they do need a way to earn a living/eat I have a few reasons why I oppose this.

Firstly, I believe a human is equal to any animal (humans are animals anyway) and although these animals may alleviate suffering this is at the cost of their own wellbeing.

Secondly facts on the animals and the environment prove this to be an inefficient way to reduce poverty.

Look at these links to see what I mean...§ion=10375&go=section&

If you still want to stop suffering in developing communities there are similar organisations to World Vision such as these...

Like I said I'm not trying to be cynical and I know you only have good intentions in what you're doing. I'm only trying to give you other options as I completely agree with what you're doing, just not how World Vision does it.

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
8 12 Aug 2009
Great links Apple Scruff!

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
9 12 Aug 2009
yes i am against slaughtering of an animal
and i dont think that world vision that is right
i am doing the 40 hour famine because the simple reason is that the famine pays 4 grain shelter and schooling

i signed u;p a mponth ago so cant stop know not that i have many sponsers lol

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
10 12 Aug 2009
I'm going to do it!! happy

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