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Animal Rights Group

At my school...

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Charlie Charlie VIC Posts: 23
1 2 Dec 2010
Hey guys,

I am thinking about starting an animal rights group at my school. I was thinking if it happened I would have petitions, details of Protests, stalls etc.

I was wondering what you guys would do as well as that? happy

Any ideas appreciated!! happy

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
2 2 Dec 2010
I think it's a wonderful idea, it would bring the school community together and educate them about animal rights. And hopefully it will inspire them to do something about animals and the way they're treated. If you do decide to do it I think you'd see some great results! Good luck, it's a great idea!

I forgot to add, you've got some wonderful ideas happening, but you might like to consider a fundraiser of some kind. For example, a free dress day at school but everyone has to give a gold coin donation which goes to some kind of organisation that supports animal rights. (Animals Australia, for example.)

babynighthawk babynighthawk VIC Posts: 105
3 2 Dec 2010
It sounds like a great idea! Aproach your YLC with your ideas, teachers love anything that encourages teenagers to think of others and focus their energy on good things, I can't see them saying no happy
If you could get someone to donate a small prize (eg - the local shopping centre to donate a $20 voucher) you could liase with the english department and have one of the year levels write letters to companies to stop animal testing/ban live exports/ban cage eggs etc. It would be a good assignment for whatever year level at your school is focusing on writing argumentive essays because they would have to do their research and argue their point. It's a good writer who can research and argue a point they don't initially know a lot about, so it's a good lesson in English and in animal rights. There's also the insentive of a prize, and your group can mail the letters with the student's consent

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
4 3 Dec 2010
We dont have an animal rights group at my school, but we DO have an Interact Club, which is sorta like a community service group where we just host a tonne of fundraisers & events throughout the year.

This year I won a leadership possition in Interact and have kinda steered the whole team into an animal-advocacy direction. For example, we are hosting a fundraising festival at our school on Monday where we are selling Animals Australia merch, 'cruelty-free' cupcakes, showbags and running an assortment of other competitions for the littlies.

Other suggestions:
-A bake sale (food is NEVER out of demand)

-Casual clothes day (our Interact club has this planned for our first event next year. we are predicting a success seeing as our school has never had one before)

-An appeal for an animal shelter... have a box or two set up in the school commonroom and ask people to bring in dog & cat supplies or old blankets which will be donated to an animal shelter.

-A Raffle

-etc etc etc etc

The best advice I have received in terms of school fundraising is to allow your-self plenty of time to organise the event and if possible, rope a couple of your friends in to help you out. Also, make sure you plaster the school with advertising so EVERYONE knows whats going on


.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
5 3 Dec 2010
By the way you should totally get sausage sizzles banned at your school happy

I did it, using the excuse that our school cannot support "the most detrimental thing to our planet" whilst flouting a 5 star energy efficiency rating. I also argued that as "a school supporting the arts"  we can be hella more creative with our fundraisers and lunchtime specials.

Charlie Charlie VIC Posts: 23
6 3 Dec 2010
Thanks everyone for the suggestions!!

Keep them coming!  happy

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
7 3 Dec 2010
There is an environmental group at my school but i never know where they meet lol! I'll probably join next year tho and try and find where they meet.

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
8 3 Dec 2010
i started one
these is information here

just scroll down until you hit my bit tongue)

Squaawk  -  The Voice Squaawk - The Voice Ethiopia Posts: 118
9 6 Dec 2010
I think thats a GREAT idea!!!

I too am thinking of starting one up at my uni. Theres all these other groups.. but nothing representing animal rights..

I say go for it!!! The more ambassadors and people we have speaking up and sticking up for animals the better!

You should try and get as many people interested and interested in joining as you can happy   The more people we have.. the better we can make changes happy

and dont feel low or feel crap if you get anyone mocking or picking on you.. Sadly, you might at one point.. I know i did. I was well known at school as the voice for animals.. I used to get mocked.. people squashing ants in front of me to get a reaction. It just makes you stronger and more passionate happy