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Black Elk Black Elk France Posts: 3
1 15 Dec 2010

You can customize your letter, or copy-paste the letter type c- below: Sir, I discover with horror that the house Escoffier proposes this year in newness the character of the" toréador".


I discovered with dismay that the house Escoffier
offers this year
novelty in the character of "toreador".
I am deeply shocked (e)
such a choice, at a time when Spanish Catalonia
abolishes the bullfight
and where in France it is the subject of many
oppositions.Je am struck (e) that we can trivialize
and a
nursery, a character whose job is to slaughter with
sadism unfortunate
herbivores.Sachez the matador in his practice is
related to
an offender in our penal code on almost all
It would never occur to the idea of any sensible society
honor such a symbol so I urge you
to remove this
character of the sale.
I will not fail to warn my family of evolution
Hoping that the figurines will be keen to Escoffier
keep a line of ethical conduct,
and a brand worthy, please accept
express my
best wishes.

Santon Escoffier
144, rue Vallat - ZI Paluds
13400 Aubagne

Tel: 04 42 70 14 32
Tel: 04 42 70 14 47
Tel: 09 65 33 98 01

Store: The House of Santon Escoffier
96, quai du Port, Old Port,
13200 Marseille
Tel. : 04 91 90 17 69

more info

NB Only Escoffier manufactures matadors.Bizarrement, this new
does not appear on their site