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I want to go vegan, but i need help.

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Lauren Lauren VIC Posts: 5
1 28 Dec 2010
I have been vegetarian for about 3 years since i was 13 and ive always had the goal of living a cruelty free life. Lately, I've been thinking about becoming vegan, because i feel like being vegetarian just isnt enough for me. Every time i eat something with lactose in it, it just makes me sick to my stomach because i feel like im still eating an animal.
So i have come to the conclusion i want to start having a vegan diet, but i really don't know where to start. I've researched recipes and vegan articles and what not but i still feel so lost.  

I know i can do it, considering 3/5 people in my household are vegetarian and give me constant support and i do work at lord of the fries which has an upside considering its vegetarian and vegan.

if anyone could give me somewhere to start or any help, recipes, articles, ideas ANYTHING, i will be grateful, ha.

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
2 28 Dec 2010
Just wanted to say firstly that.. it is awesome to have a LOTF staff member in the group!!! Love it happy Which store you work at?

If you're struggling with going vegan, perhaps start small, cut out only certain things that you will find easy, and then when you're used to that, cut out something else. I started by switching from milk to soymilk.. reducing cheese heavily..etc.

Sounds like you're on the right track with your research and your supportive family!! happy

carinaforkeeps carinaforkeeps NSW Posts: 484
3 28 Dec 2010
rebekah's vegan sausage roll recipe is amazing:

i make pumpkin soup regularly. the left overs make perfect lunches. if you want my recipe, let me know.

both are amazingly simple if you have a food processor.

this site is really helpful if you want to know more about the health side:

a book i VERY highly recommend if you want to go vegan, and also educate yourself, is farm sanctuary by gene bauer.

this speech is pretty inspirational too:

that was a bit of a scattered post happy haha.

by the way, LOTF! love

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
4 28 Dec 2010

secondly this site helps heaps
tips and recipes and its a victorian site so its all available here happy

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
5 28 Dec 2010
You have def come to the right place for help on becoming vegan.

Like suggested, it's  easier to cut things out slowly, one main ingredient at a time... Like eggs first, then milk, then cheese. Some people can do it over night, but don't beat yourself up if you aren't one of these people. You taking the right steps down the right path!

Make you sure you check out the recipes here on AAU, and a few I have posted on (more to be posted in the new year!!)

Stay strong, and if you need help, just ask us happy

Lauren Lauren VIC Posts: 5
6 28 Dec 2010
Thank you so much for all the reply's so fast,
some of those recipes look so yum, im so keen to try.

I think i will just do what you all have recommended by starting to cut out some things.

Lauren Lauren VIC Posts: 5
7 28 Dec 2010
I work at the northland store.

9 28 Dec 2010
Rav said it perfectly, cut out the big things first and you're 90% of the way there!

Learn your substitutes and just swap them over

Milk = Soy milk (soy milky is my favourite)
Cheese = Cheesly, nutritional yeast (or just nothing, which I usually use. Cheese, vegan or not isn't great for you.
Eggs = depending on what you're cooking it could be tofu or oil, or even orgran egg replacer.
Butter: nutellex is vegan, a few other brands too.

We are all here for support if you need more help, but these substitutes should get you through most of it.

also google recipes which you often cook, and just type 'vegan' infront of it , it will give you heaps of ideas! ie: spaghetti = search for 'vegan spaghetti'

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
10 31 Dec 2010
Yay congrats for you! Becoming vegan is very rewarding. I have to say I eat better/yummier on a vegan diet than i ever did on a veg or omni. I became vegan straight away with interchansing eggs and milk for soy and egg replacer (cheese... had to wait to find yeast flakes)

Nuttelex has been such a help!
Toffuti cream cheese ( good on crackers w/ tomato, GREAT in cheesecakes)
also eating red lentils and chickpeas (pretty easy to whip up stuff with them)

I've also found to be really helpfull

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