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Beagle Underground - First Rescue

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V V SA Posts: 248
1 7 Jan 2011

Sarah19 Sarah19 VIC Posts: 62
2 8 Jan 2011
That is so fantastic, but so sad for the others. I wonder if people would buy those products if they were shown the animals.... I don't think so, but some people are heartless. Anyway yay for those two and keep up the great work... xxx Sarah  clap

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland VIC Posts: 95
3 28 May 2011
Are you one of the people involved? Congratulations, it's great that thereare people out there willing to spend their time rescuing these poor babies love

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
4 28 May 2011
Oh god. I was just the most emotional ive been in sooo long, oh gooddddd that was so ridiculously upsetting! D:

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
5 28 May 2011
That was so sad!!! Those poor dogs!! Is it possible to rescue animals from testing facilities in Australia?

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
6 28 May 2011
I wanna do it!! Id love to do it!! That was probably the most emotional thing ive ever f***** seen.. Everytime i see animal cruelty i picture it being to cargo.. And i picture him having needles in him, and gas masks on him, and tied down, not being able to move.. and watching that made me think of him even more D: I ran downstairs to him crying haha, it was like a movie!