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I rescued a lost mama ringtail yesterday!

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babynighthawk babynighthawk VIC Posts: 105
1 9 Feb 2011
Yesterday arvo my dad pulled into the driveway after work, and rang my mum telling her to come out the front. She was like 'o...k, why?' but went anyway. It turns out there was a mama ringtail possum sitting on our front lawn with two joeys on her back. She was rather frightened, but docile, but we were concerned that something was wrong considering possums are noctural.
We have a lovely 'possum lady' (Yvonne) in our area who takes in hurt or lost possums and rehabilitates them, so I rang her, and she explained that her nest was probably washed away in the recent storms, and she was probably scared and disorientated, and would definitely need to be bought in considering she was probably 'homeless'. She was also worried that she had been hurt, which her behavior suggested.
So, with help from dad and our neighbour we coaxed her into our cat carrier and took her up to the possum lady. The lady gave her the once over (while I held one of the joeys! happy ) and said that she had a mark on her back that looked like she was bitten by a dog. So she took mama and babies into the nursery, popped them in a special cage, and they'll be staying with her until they feel better. We were very lucky that mama possum was agreeable and docile, and was happy to clamber into the carrier, and let the possum lady care for her ... possums are prone to capture myopathy, but her chances are now a lot better than if we had left her, and the babies (which are about 8 weeks, and are dependant until 10 weeks) will have Yvonne to care for them until they're big and strong enough to be released if mama doesn't make it.
Here's the little baby I got to hold, it fit in my hand and wanted to climb all over me happy

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
2 9 Feb 2011
Naw! That's so cute. Great work happy I hope mama gets better and can take care of her young herself.

babynighthawk babynighthawk VIC Posts: 105
3 9 Feb 2011
She seemed pretty tough, and was very protective of her joeys, so I think she'll be ok happy

(it was very cute, she got a little worried when I took her second joey off her back so Yvonne could inspect her bite mark, so I had to hold the joey up where she could see it, then she was ok again  thumb )


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