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You can help animals at school!

I did, so why can't you?

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Piglet Piglet QLD Posts: 6
1 11 Feb 2011
At school I realized that the local masked lapwings were having their eggs (that they had spent time choosing a place and making a nest for) were being taken by the gardeners. The gardeners said they 'relocated them' when I asked about it. In other words they took and killed them, for you can never relocate an egg once a human scent has touched it. So I went from teacher to teacher to find someone that would help, and eventually went to the head of senior school. I asked him to please stop it, and even showed him the laws against moving them. He listened intently, and once I left, I had no idea my word would be taken seriously. The holidays came and went, and we all came back to school. There, in the corner of a small garden, was a nest and a plover. Protecting it was a yellow barrier, making sure no students would go near. I pretty much leaped for joy.
Now there is a baby chick that runs around like a little cotton ball on legs. It has another sibling, and the mother still sits diligently on it, making sure that it will hatch. Now the chick has 6-8 weeks until it can fly. Hope it does well!

So if you ever notice anything at school, from gardeners using insecticide or students chucking rocks at birds, or even something as serious as student removing nests from trees for the sake of it, report it, and try to create a new school rule that has something to do around animals.. for it will help! megaphone

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed TAS Posts: 986
2 11 Feb 2011
Go you!!! chick thumb dance

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
3 11 Feb 2011
Yes im so happy to hear they listened to you!!

There's lots of Masked Lapwings around where I live and I never found them aggressive as their reputation. Magpies are much worse.

Damn gardeners... Stick to plants and keep away from animals.

Piglet Piglet QLD Posts: 6
4 11 Feb 2011
thankyou, and I know.. leave the animals to themselves!

ShadowDoubt ShadowDoubt QLD Posts: 753
5 11 Feb 2011
At school there is a dog who comes into the grounds called Summer and she is a really old labrador. She is so beautiful! Anyway, the girls always say horrible things like 'kick her' 'fat ugly dog' 'ew' etc and the other week I got so upset I was crying so much. i told my dorm mistress and she went and talked to the girls and I told her NOT to mention my name [for fear of getting attacked] and what did she do? TOLD THEM. Stupid ** B**ch.

I went to the head boarder Kelsie [I'm friends with her] and she said another girl Jess [also friends with] really loves Summer and that she would tell a few more senior girls to keep an eye out when Summer's around. I haven't seen anyone else being mean to her. I love to go and give her a big cuddle and kiss happy

6 11 Feb 2011
This is great to hear! Good on you!

when I was in grade 9 we had a bout of really horrible weather, and on my way into the school grounds I saw a baby honey sucker drowning in a puddle - I obviously wasn't going to leave it there, so I took it, wrapped it in the teatowl that was in my lunchbox and placed it in the warmth of my school locker until I could get my mum to pick it up.

It quickly circulated I had a baby bird in my locker, and the school nun (crazy bitch) pulled me into her office and demanded I hand over the bird to be placed in the freezer - NO THANKS!

anyway, we had him for a few weeks, he was absolutely adorable and friendly/bubbly. Unfortunately I think he had phenumonia, and eventually passed sad

People sicken me.

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
7 11 Feb 2011
My old highschool is directly opposite the local pound, and we had many dogs come onto the school grounds. It was so sad to see them in their state, and they were constantly being taunted by the students. As they were quite scared it was difficult to get close to them, but I did on occasion try. I don't know what happened to the poor things, I assume that they were put to sleep once caught sad

ecochick ecochick SA Posts: 214
8 12 Feb 2011
At my old primary school they block off a whole area where the ducks nest every year in the lavander bushes so the kids won't disrupt them  clap and in  my first year of highschool i rescued 2 noisy miners who somehow managed  to get tangeled upsidedown in a tree in some cotton? anyway, it took ages for the groundskeeper to get a ladder but i managed to set them free, although one had heaps of cotton on his leg still. And then last year i rescued a baby piegon but he passed away while in care. I'm lucky i have by fauna rescue badge i can show the teachers though, otherwise i wouldn't of been able to do it!

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
9 12 Feb 2011
One time at recess when i was ten me and my friends were walking around and we saw a dead bird, we thought it was sad but at a closer inspection the bird was very injured and couldnt fly or get up.

So we told a teacher and we all put it in a box and the teacher told us to take it to the front office so the receptionists called ring up the RSPCA to pick it up.And so off we went, extremly caring and carefully taking the bird over. But the thing is the front office was never open at recess time.... so we took it to the staff room and of course how all freaken discusting rude teachers are to students who go to a staff room, they tried to get rid of us as soon as they could and told us to leave the bird in the box just outside.

We wern't too sure.... but they were the teachers and we were the students so we listned. Hour later in class the receptionist asked my teacher where the bird was....

Damn adults!

Piglet Piglet QLD Posts: 6
10 12 Feb 2011
that is really cool!

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