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Help big cats world wide

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kitakami kitakami WA Posts: 41
1 2 Mar 2011
Hi everyone im volunteering at a place called big cat rescue in Florida.
Laws are so terrible in the states regarding exotics. So here at the sanctuary we care for many cats that where pets,circus animals or from fur farms. The mission here is change these laws so these cats don't have to live a life in prison for a crime thier former owner did.
So if you have a couple of mintues please visit . I think it would be really great to get some Australian signatures on there, if they see people are paying attention from the other side of the world it might speed up the proccess of changing the laws.
Thanks to anyone who visits happy

Akasha213 Akasha213 VIC Posts: 227
2 2 Mar 2011
Can you give me the sanctuarys website? I'm looking at going to the US next year and would love to check them out.

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
3 2 Mar 2011
I know many people who work with big cats. I wouldn't trust or support BCR if you paid me. I'm affraid they're all for self promotion and money. They're kind of like the big cat version of the RSPCA.

emileee emileee NSW Posts: 514
4 2 Mar 2011
OMGosh your so lucky! I love the work BCR does.
I found out about them through youtube. Their videos make me happy(: