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Help, I need a good Vegan cake recipe

Mum's birthday today!

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EarthDefender EarthDefender QLD Posts: 270
1 3 Mar 2011
So it's mums birthday today and i want to make her dinner and a nice cake/dessert for afterwards.

I dont want to cook anything non-vegan, but she's also doing the 30 day vegan challenge, so i wanted it to be vegan for that...anyway, ramble ramble...

Has anyone got any good cake recipes that they have tried and would recommend?
I was thinking about maybe a cheesecake or something like that?

I will probably just google something, but I wanted to get opinions from real people ecstatic

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
2 3 Mar 2011
The whyveg vegan chocolate mud cake!!! I LOOOVE it! I always use it as a birthday cake.

I usually make some frosting and add strawberries happy

Edit: there is also a cheese cake on that website! Looks nice, but I've never tried it.

Kick Kick VIC Posts: 540
3 3 Mar 2011

You need to make this. It will blow you away.