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Why do people hate vegetarians?

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Booka Booka WA Posts: 2
1 6 Mar 2011
Recently I decided to do some research into where the meat I was eating was coming from. I was horrified and disgusted at what I found. To make sure I wasn't getting biased vegetarian and vegan propaganda though, I decided I look at the major meat, egg and dairy companies in Australia's websites. The way they carry out their practices were worded a little more pleasantly on their websites but on a whole both the meat industries and animal rights websites were giving me the same information on how animals get mass produced and treated. I felt disgusted that I could have been naively contributing to this industry for as long as I had been and stopped eating meat, eggs and most dairy that day. Now I'm finding my biggest problem is containing my outrage and I have pissed a few people off because of this. Many people don't want to hear about animal cruelty and even when some do listen I only get responses like 'well yeah its f**ked, someone should do something about it but I still love eating meat.' Its infuriating me..but that's not the thing thats really getting to me. I have to accept that people are going to put their immediate pleasures first. Heck I do it too sometimes. The thing that is getting to me is this odd hatred towards people who have made the decision to no longer support the meat industry. Can someone please explain why this is the case? Why are there so many blogs online about hating vegetarians? Why when I type PETA into facebook I get about 300 anti PETA groups and no actual real PETA pages? Why are people actively against not eating meat? I get that vegetarians and vegans talking about animal cruelty can probably get a bit tiresome for some people who just don't want to hear about it. But that aside whats with all the hate? I don't see how individuals believing in a cause and making a decision based on NOT supporting the torture and mass production of billions of animals world wide each year is something that can be looked down upon and ridiculed. I get eye rolls when I sit down to eat with people. Like I'm some kind of twat. Someone please tell me why so many people have such a negative and cynical view of the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle?

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
2 6 Mar 2011
I completely understand where you're coming from. So many times I've had people tell me to just shut the f**k up. I can't contain my anger towards the animal industies, so I talk to people about it and they just get pissed off.

But in regard to your question, I personally think it's because we are an inconvinience. Meat has always been there, you can pick it up off the shelf, take it to the register and there, it's yours! And there's so much variety, you can eat whatever kind of meat whenever you like, and meat is found everywhere. So when veggies come along and start saying "This is where your meat came from, this is what your meat went through, this is how your meat died, etc" you are intruding upon that convinience and they don't want that. They enjoy having that convinience so they hate you for trying to take it away... I suppose, in a nutshell, it's the whole 'ignorance is bliss' thing...

That's just my opinion.

And congrats on going veg!!

Daniel5 Daniel5 VIC Posts: 93
3 6 Mar 2011
its nothing to do with "ignorance is bliss" .  People do not dislike vegitarians or vegans what people dislike is you pushing your agenda down our necks.  If you choose to not eat meat then good for you but dont think you need make every person you  meet one

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
4 6 Mar 2011
I sorta have to agree with Daniel5. When I first became Vegetarian I did push it down peoples throats and after 6 months I had become what I hated most, a pushy person forcing my beliefs on others.

When I stopped that Everyone has been extremely accepting! I have lots of friends now who respect my boyfriend and I's beliefs, so much that We had about 10 people over for dinner and ordered Crust Pizza, every single one of them ordered Vegetarian for our sake. We didnt even ask them to, or hint it.

If somebody asked "why am I vegetarian" I will tell them. But I wont jump down peoples throats and I think thats what alot of vegetarians do as they are so passionate about it.

Randomz Randomz United States Posts: 14
5 6 Mar 2011
Nah they still would still dislike  us even if we didnt push it down their throat.

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
6 6 Mar 2011
the people who push it are certainly annoying, I did that when I was 14..making mooing noises when friends would eat a meat pie. I personally have never met a vegetarian or vegan who really pushes it, I and some others use facebook to share causes, videos etc on things like bobby calves, the cruelty of horse racing. I wouldn't consider that pushing, unless you're posting comments accusing people.

I think what most omnis do is get defensive about our lifechoice. We have activly decided to change our lifestyle contrary to tradition because we have the knowledge (which is power) which in itself is an unspoken way of saying to people "i think your choice to eat meat is wrong" even without ever saying it. Because people get upset when people tell them that something about them is wrong. I guess thats where the supposed" holier than thou" thing comes from too. I've never ever met a veg*n that acts like they are better than a meat eater

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
7 6 Mar 2011
Daniel5 said:
its nothing to do with "ignorance is bliss" .  People do not dislike vegitarians or vegans what people dislike is you pushing your agenda down our necks.  If you choose to not eat meat then good for you but dont think you need make every person you  meet one
Actually, a lot of people I've talked to about this topic do not want to know about it, because then they would feel guilty for eating meat. Some people do not want to know the truth, they want to keep on living in their happy little world where they do nothing wrong. So yes, actually, sometimes it has a lot to do with "ignorance is bliss".

I honestly don't know why people say Vegetarians and Vegans "push the agenda down our throats". Industries/companies are allowed to play a countless number of commercials about meat, dairy, animal circuses, etc, yet a Vegetarian or Vegan is not allowed to tell someone the truth and inform them about meat/dairy? Who is REALLY pushing their agenda, hmm?  

Vegetarians and Vegans do not make every single person they talk to become veg, where on earth did you get that idea? If they are interested, we will explain to them about vegetarianism/veganism and the meat/dairy/entertainment industry, and encourage them to go veg if choose to, but in no way do we force them or make them become veg.

8 6 Mar 2011
You get people who just have an issue with vegs because of their diets, and the fact that animal rights activists are fighting against their way of life. Think about it, the more we fight for animal rights, the more they're going to pay for their meals (due to improved standards) or the less they're going to see of meat or dairy.

Most of the people I know are really cool with it, they're always asking how I substitute things and are interested in trying it. I always bring baked goods in for the guys at work, and one even asked me to bring him in a cheesly sandwich to toast!

some people will also hate all vegetarians based on one bad experience, I know I hate certain majoritys because of one bad experience (even though I know I shouldn't)

But if people are asking you about veg ideals, educate them. Just know where to draw the line and learn when enough is enough, or when you're just beating a dead horse (so to speak)

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
9 6 Mar 2011
probably because they don't want to feel bad about the consequences that their choices have and would rather stay ignorant and not worry about it. i think people tend to hate peta because sometimes they take things too far and there are some really pushy people working for them (some are, not all) and the bad things get publicized more often than the good things because it's more interesting news. whenever i talk to people i know about my diet i tend to bring health and the environment into it more than animal welfare because i know that it's going to be better received even though my primary reason for being veg is the animals.

KittyVegan KittyVegan VIC Posts: 203
10 6 Mar 2011
Daniel5 said:
its nothing to do with "ignorance is bliss" .  People do not dislike vegitarians or vegans what people dislike is you pushing your agenda down our necks.  If you choose to not eat meat then good for you but dont think you need make every person you  meet one
Wow... That was a pretty mean response Daniel5.

You can't just go say she is wrong, she has a valid point.. I know for a fact people hate vegos for the reasons she said.
With that response, I'm suprised your on this website? AA is all about the brutle truth.. And making people aware of what they are consuming and contributing to in there everyday life.

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