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Cesar Millan kicks dogs!

Watch the video to see proof :(

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Becatron Becatron QLD Posts: 152
1 15 Mar 2011

Let me know what you think ...

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
2 15 Mar 2011
What a sick freak. Anyone who uses physical discipline on an animal needs a good kick themselves!

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
3 15 Mar 2011
People like that make me furious.....

I do not and never will understand how people could POSSIBLY treat animals like this, its sick

gosh those poor things ..sad

Jacqui T Jacqui T NSW Posts: 796
4 15 Mar 2011
Cesar Millan is an absolute idiot. My teacher for animal behaviour shows us videos of his "techniques" that he re enforces with negative behaviour. Instead of treating the dog for doing something good, he hits them when they've done something wrong. Thats terrible, I don't want a dog who wont do anything because he's scared, I want a dog who's happy and enjoying life.

Shonnie Shonnie NSW Posts: 237
5 15 Mar 2011
Ok the guy is a moron. A couple of those kicks were NOT blocks or 'taps' but fair square got the dog in the guts with the point of his toe.

HOWEVER the dogs that he is working with are extremely aggressive and seem quite happy to chew on anything that moves including people. Kicking an aggressive dog will only make it more pissed off but yeah you have to defend yourself to a degree. I'm not going to say what I think should happen to dogs or any DOMESTICATED animal that bites people or other animals and does a lot of damage (as a lot of those dogs in that video have potential to do) but I have seen what happens when a dog attacks. My stepmum has lost 70% use of her right arm from a Rottweiler. She was in hospital for two weeks, her arm was broken in 3 places, and the muscles are a mess even 3 years down the track. And she wasn't doing anything at all to the dog that could be seen as dominating or aggressive.

Anyway that's my 2 cents. Doesn't excuse the guy for full on getting the dogs in the guts though. He is a total idiot, I've heard a few things about him and lets just say things are different behind the scenes.

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
6 15 Mar 2011
Yes, although he has saved many dog's lives, because sometimes he is their only hope, he really needs to understand that it actually hurts when you kick a dog in an unprotected area!

Either he has to not kick as hard, or maybe just even nudge with his knee (Cesar, if your reading this, noticed I said "nudged") or he should make these special things he puts on the back of his shoes, like something thick and padded, so it won't hurt the dog, but the dog feels it.

Also many people see Cesar "biting" a dog on the back of his neck with his fingers, and many people think it hurts the dog. Actually, (no, I am not supporting the kicking or the choking of the lead that Cesar also does) but dogs are really tough. Have you ever seen a 3 year old kid climbing all over my mastiff mix Sugar? (Picture is there  <- ) and sometimes I even do it to my little sisters when they are hurting each other, and considering my sister cries if someone piffs a pillow at her really hard, it can't hurt a dog that much if my sister doesn't cry.

Its just a way to communicate to your dog that you don't agree with his/her behaviour!

Truc Truc VIC Posts: 85
7 15 Mar 2011
my sister follows cesar's 'techniques' like kicking the dog, i hate it mann

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
8 15 Mar 2011
I think you guys are all misinformed. The video has been edited and taken out of context. Cesar is never aggressive or abusive towards dogs. If you watch his actual episodes you will see the magic he works.

I've seen hundreds of his episodes and he has saved so many dogs lives not to mention rehabilitated thousands of dogs that would have been destined for death row.

The proof is out there that his methods work. We've used his methods with our dogs and have had an amazing turn around since. Which does not involve kicking them in a violent manner or even yelling at them.

So please don't diss his methods until you really understand them.
He NEVER hurts dugs, it's all psychological triggers, that 'kick' is actually just a tap on the hind to get the dogs attention.

What is cruel is owners that don't train their dogs properly and let them become vicious!

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
9 15 Mar 2011
If it hurt the dog naturally the dog would yelp, I have NEVER seen a dog yelp in pain from being 'tapped' on the hind by Cesar.

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
10 15 Mar 2011
The reason there are so many unbalanced dogs out there is because people are denying these animals their natural life structure which includes a dominant leader , not an aggressive leader, not a loving leader, just someone who shows them the correct behaviour. If it is OK to give a child boundaries and limitations why are you denying your dog these things? They need these things to be a content balanced dog.

He encourages lots of exercise, we now walk our dogs twice a day for up to an hour at a time, one of them being a rescue who walked out of control and with Cesars calm assertive rules, we walk relaxed hand with her happily walking beside us. So many people don't walk their dogs enough.

Watch a few episodes - I've nearly seen all of them and then judge him.

If you have issues with your dog whether it be aggressive towards other dogs, aggressive towards people, anxious behaviour, separation anxiety, dogs pulling on walks etc ANYTHING, Cesar has methods to help your dog! All these things stem from an unbalanced dog. People think all dogs need is affection and that is wrong!

In my opinion whether your dog is a mini poodle or a cattle dog if you don't walk your dog at least once a day - denying them this is crueller than any of Cesars apparent 'cruel' methods

If you've seen Cesars pack of 30 dogs at his compound - dogs that had been abandoned for being aggressive etc, you will see how good his work really is. All these dogs are now balanced content well behaved dogs with no sign of aggression in them whatsoever.

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