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Cruetly free nail polish

That has a wide variety of colours! :)

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Ronnie Ronnie QLD Posts: 205
22 2 Jul 2012
je ne comprends pas said:
Is it possible to get vegan nail polish $5 and under? I buy quite a lot for art and can't afford to spend a lot of money. I have been buying those $2.50 bargain bin ones, I think it's NY brand or something, and BYS. I do feel guilty about it but I can't afford to get new vegan alternatives for everything. Even vegan hair dye is too expensive for me.
I'm sorry to say I haven't come across vegan nailpolish for under $15.  I buy mine for my store directly from the wholesale suppler and even I have to pay $8 + GST for the vegan nail polish.

Michelle17 Michelle17 QLD Posts: 1
23 5 Oct 2013
Zoya do sell online now happy
Best colours!

maddie45 maddie45 VIC Posts: 167
24 5 Oct 2013
Butter London!! Vegan, cruelty free, and available at Go Vita happyhappy

Steff18 Steff18 VIC Posts: 2
25 3 Apr 2014
OPI's parent company sells cosmetics in China, and to be able to do that they have to be tested on animals..

Steff18 Steff18 VIC Posts: 2
26 3 Apr 2014
Butter London isn't vegan! Some of their colours contains Guanine (crushed up fish scales). They also have not been accredited with leaping bunny because of this, however they stole the logo and have been using it anyway. Link below:

Kester Black nail polish is Australian made and is vegan and CCF accredited..

Annairda Annairda QLD Posts: 35
28 3 Apr 2014
SaRa_aRaS said:
Sportsgirl sells nailpolish that isnt tested on animals happy They always have quite a few different colours and from what I can tell, they work nicely. Im not sure if the red ones are vegan though.
Yeah, Sportsgirl nail polish is the best! Comes in heaps of pretty colours too happy

lisamaddog lisamaddog Posts: 1
29 11 Jul 2014
Yes there is a new brand called Faby that is Cruelty Free and free from chemical -

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