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Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky

Speech on vegetarian, veganism and animal rights.

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Jen Jen VIC Posts: 619
1 5 Apr 2011

Please watch and share happy it's really good, though it feels like a lecture xD

LaurenVegan LaurenVegan VIC Posts: 37
2 5 Apr 2011
The title says it all hey! I saw this a little while ago then showed my brother and he instantly went vegan happy

Jen Jen VIC Posts: 619
3 5 Apr 2011
Awesome! happy He's honestly amazing, wish he could come over to Australia and lecture! xD

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
4 5 Apr 2011
I love this video!

Next time maybe use the search option as this as been posted twice before

such a  good video

Jen Jen VIC Posts: 619
5 6 Apr 2011
Whoops sorry >< I have a habit of doing that.

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
6 6 Apr 2011
im ,like the only vegan who thinks this i guess is but i dont really like it
it just seems so preachy...... i think the best way too empower people is show them what happens, explain it and let them decide